3 Sensational Tours for Solo Travelers

Are you thinking of taking a tour alone, but you’re afraid of being the only solo travelerin your tour group? Don’t fret. The number of solo travelers of all ages embarking on outdoors and adventure tours has skyrocketed in recent years. Many tour companies now offer a variety of perks to accommodate this growing trend, reducing or, in some cases, entirely eliminating steep “single supplement” fees that have traditionally accompanied solo bookings. Discover the top tours for single travelers offered by companies that delve into a region’s culture while maintaining a friendly, small-group setting.

For Independent Travelers: Intrepid Travel

Keeping tour-group sizes to no more than 10 people, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and having the freedom to chase down unexpected experiences as they pop up along the road — such is the philosophy behind Intrepid Travel. This company attracts adventurous souls seeking tours led by guides based out of offices in 22 countries, as well as local travel operators in countries where Intrepid does not have offices. Intrepid tours take travelers to far-flung destinations around the world. Some of its most popular trips include Peru, Thailand, Kenya and Italy, with options offered in a variety of tour styles, from budget-friendly “Basix” (1- to 2-star hotel accommodations) and standard “Original” tours (2- to 3-star lodgings) to “Comfort” level trips, which feature higher-end accommodations.

For Budget-Conscious Travelers: Overseas Adventure Travel

Budget-conscious solo travelers would be wise to investigate Overseas Adventure Travel’s offerings for singles, which include a number of money-saving deals to exotic destinations, including India, Botswana and Burma. Single travelers face no single supplements on any of OAT’s Land Adventures (land-based tours with groups of 10 to 16 travelers) or Small Ship Adventures (boat tours of 16 to 25 travelers), all of which are led by certified guides who are residents of the region you’ll be exploring. There’s the Travel Companions program as well, which allows travelers to create a profile in a private online community. You can virtually meet fellow travelers with similar interests, allowing you to make friends before you’ve even embarked on your adventure.

For Hard-Core, Authentic Journeys: G Adventures

For more than 20 years, G Adventures has offered all sorts of trips for solo travelers, from physically challenging tours, such as a hard-core, 10-day trekking adventure up Mont Blanc in Switzerland, to less demanding ones, such as a 22-day Mayan adventure tour through Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, where you’ll travel by bus, van and boat. G Adventures’ tours are also best for solo travelers seeking the most authentic experience possible in a given destination; the company offers true local experiences, from authentic accommodations (sleeping in a tented desert camp in Morocco) to local transportation (4×4 vehicles in Africa) to off-the-beaten-path experiences (touring orchards on foot in a rural agriturismo area in Tuscany, Italy).

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